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Gruppo Tosco Marmi
Communications project for an art installation

For the 56th edition of Marmomac Verona, Cabriolet designed a brand image project for the Tosco Marmi Group - titled Palissandro Gallery, The classicism of marble meets contemporary art. The aim was to promote the artistic installation centred on the multi-coloured Palissandro quarry, an all-round communication project including brochures and digital tools: website, virtual tour and social media advertising plan. The agency also devised an elaborate story in images focused on this spectacular stone with qualities that can inspire new directions in interior design.

The Tosco Marmi Group was founded in 1960 on the initiative of Lorenzo D’Aloisio, who from the early 1970s, to his credit, immediately captured the immense potential of Palissandro marble, and planned the Group’s growth around this marvellous stone. Palissandro marble, from the geologically polychrome quarry in Crevoladossola, Piedmont, is the world’s only deposit of Palissandro, a polychrome rock of rare beauty and a durablity that makes it suitable for all uses in architecture and furnishings. The authenticity of Palissandro® marble is guaranteed by the special trademark, “The Palissandro Marble”, registered with European and international organisations; it also certifies that the product originates in and comes from that quarry.