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Una campagna advertising racconta il brand SintecoUna campagna advertising racconta il brand Sinteco

An advertising campaign recounts the brand’s mission impossible

Cabriolet devised an advertising campaign with the aim of conveying Sinteco as the leading brand in the design, conception and construction of machines and robotic lines for the industrial automation. “Automation beyond imagination” is its bold and original message, conveyed by the various digital and print channels.

Sinteco is a company from Longarone, Belluno, Italy, leader in the design and production of systems for the industrial and medical automation. The Industrial Division produces assembling systems of industrial components for various sectors. The Medical Division designs and manufactures automatic machines for the assembly of medical applications in clean rooms, while the HEALTHCARE Division produces solutions for automated and safe drug management in the hospital sector. Sinteco is a brand of the Bucci Industries Group. Founded in 1984, it is now an important and continuously expanding company with over 200 employees and 4 production sites.