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Branding: Savio Firmino Photo shooting e catalogoBranding: Savio Firmino Photo shooting e catalogo

Savio Firmino
Photo shoot and catalogue for an original line of sofas

Laura Ferrari and the team handled the photography and art direction of the new catalogue of upholstered furniture for the Florentine maison, with the aim of reaching a modern and eclectic public. The agency chose an early 20th-century location where Savio Firmino sofas and armchairs become works of art that enhance the rooms personality. The images were shot in natural light by Daniele De Lonti, a Milanese photographer “of the sight” who for many years worked alongside the artist Luigi Ghirri in his various conceptual and experimental works.

Savio Firmino is a prestigious brand founded in 1941 in Florence, known throughout the world for the high craftsmanship of its classic furniture. The style is the result of crafting expertise, the high quality of manual workmanship but also the artistic sensitivity cultivated growing up and living among the most beautiful works of art in the world, in the cradle of the Renaissance, Florence. Today, as in the past, the Florentine brand is inspired by classical traditional values, combined with innovative techniques and cutting-edge machinery.