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Fratelli Fabbri
Packaging and Corporate Identity for a high-end Italian manufacturing brand

Fratelli Fabbri is a true excellence of Made in Italy, still centred on the handcrafting of leather and on an all-Italian high-quality supply chain. Cabrioletstudio designed the corporate identity maintaining the brand’s original features, but adding a more contemporary and functional slant to the logo design and all the tools.

Fratelli Fabbri is a brand from Forli Cesena, Italy, that has been producing boots since 1924 and is known for its extraordinarily high-end craftsmanship. Fratelli Fabbri’s boots are made by hand using a totally artisanal process: the techniques adopted require long processing times to guarantee the highest quality and innovation of the final product. All the components of the boots are entirely natural and no plastic or synthetic materials are used.