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Elegance Bedding: Branding e sito web raccontano il comfort del materassoElegance Bedding: Branding e sito web raccontano il comfort del materasso

Elegance Bedding
Branding and website showcase the mattress comfort

Cabriolet’s art direction transforms the mattress into an object of original design and full of personality. Photography and ambience sets have led to unusual living scenes where the mattress is an elegant protagonist and the expression of pure comfort. An original catalogue project and website with an advertising language express the brand’s values and DNA: Italian excellence, quality materials and innovation in the processes.

Elegance Bedding represents an innovative way of conceiving mattresses, which take on the same importance and aesthetic value as a piece of furniture. Based on wellbeing and attention to the fashion trends in contemporary living. Production takes place entirely in Italy, in the province of Pistoia, Tuscany, in a complex process that combines the industrial and mechanical processing of materials and internal structures with removable covers that are almost artisanal, requiring handmade finishes that follow tailoring criteria.