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A new marketing concept relaunches Cerasarda

Laura Ferrari and the team handled the rebranding of Cerasarda by leveraging the sales potential of the interior and hôtellerie settings. A complex work of art direction, photography and 3D rendering led to the creation of over 100 room scenes characterised by the original storytelling “At the home of...”, centred on the credible story of 6 characters that give the brand a sense of prestigious contemporaneity.
Catalogue, commercial brochures, website and many digital tools spoke to the market.

Cerasarda, known as La Ceramica della Costa Smeralda [Emerald Coast Ceramics], is a quality Italian brand that was established in 1963 in Olbia at the behest of Prince Karim Aga Khan. The brightly coloured glazes, refined decorations, excellent local craftsmanship and very high quality design are its hallmarks. Those who choose Cerasarda love to surround themselves with the exclusive architectural elegance of an iconic land: the Costa Smeralda. In 2002 Cerasarda became part of the Romani Group, which led to an interesting mix of island craftsmanship and technological innovation that distinguishes the area of Sassuolo and the cities of Modena and Reggio Emilia.