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Cookies policy


Our policy for cookies and privacy protection.
This website is operated by Cabriolet Studio, based at Via Acquatino, 3 – 48018 Faenza (Ravenna) – Italy.
This Policy provides explanations about our Cookies while using our Site.
1. Type of data processed / links to other websites
Cabriolet Studio is committed to respecting your “Privacy.” On this Website Cabriolet Studio collects the personal data you decide to provide and the
information obtained with cookies, as better explained below. This Website can also contain links to other websites of Cabriolet Studio or to third party
websites, such as those of our retailers, authorised applicators and other subsidiary companies, or to the websites of social media. When you click on the
link to the other websites of Cabriolet Studio or of third parties, consider that said websites have their own privacy policies. It must be said that Cabriolet
Studio shall not be liable for third party websites.
2. Collection and use of information
If you provide personal data to Cabriolet Studio, we shall store and process said information for the purposes specified in the privacy notice. Moreover, to
enhance our Website accessibility to users in terms of system performance, usability and supply of useful information about our products and services,
we shall automatically store the information on log files on your computer. These include your Internet Protocol (IP) address, type of browser and
language setting, operating system, Internet Service Provider (ISP) and date/time of registration.
We shall use this information to ensure efficient Website management, improve knowledge of our Website user categories, analyse trends and collect
demographic data on our overall users. The information collected can be used for our marketing and advertising services and communications (e.g., to
enhance and improve the user experience by making more attractive offers and special services), in compliance with the laws in force on the subject.
When we make use of non-personal data along with personal data, the information in question will be processed as personal data for the entire period
during which it is combined.
3. The use of cookies
This Website, e-mail messages, online services, advertising and interactive applications can make use of “cookies” to optimise our services.
What is a “cookie”?
A “cookie” is a small file that generally includes letters and numbers, which we send to the browser file that contains cookies on the hard disk of your computer through our Web server. For instance, it allows our Website to recognise the device of a user once the connection has been created between the Web server and the Web browser. The principal purpose of a cookie is to allow our Web server to present custom-made pages to the user, studied to make the experience of the visit to Cabriolet Studio Website more personal and consistent with the needs of individual users.
What are the cookies used on this Website?
Cabriolet Studio can use two types of cookies on this Website:
• session cookies: they are temporary cookies that are stored in the cookie file of your browser until your browser session is ended. These cookies are mandatory for certain applications or functions that are necessary for the correct function of this Website.
• persistent cookies: we can use persistent cookies to improve the user experience (e.g. provide optimised navigation).
The cookies in question will remain in the cookie file of your browser for a longer period of time. The length of said period will depend on your choice in terms of your Web browser settings. Persistent cookies make it possible to transfer information to a Web server whenever you visit the website.
Persistent cookies are also called tracking cookies.
4. Third party cookies
Cabriolet Studio can resort to third party advertisers for advertisements and to optimise the related marketing communications. Third party advertisers make use of cookies to estimate the efficacy of advertisements and to customise the advertising content. Information collected by third party advertisers can include geolocation data (obtained from the IP address), or the e-mail address when it is obtained from this Website.
5. Tracking and analysis
To ensure ongoing optimisation of marketing-related communications, Cabriolet Studio uses the analytical software “Google Analytics” by Google Inc.
It allows to monitor online behaviour in terms of time, geographical location and use of this website. The information in question is collected through tracking pixels and/or cookies. The information obtained through tracking pixels and/or cookies is anonymous and will not be associated with personal data. All information required for this analysis is stored on servers based in Italy. Cabriolet Studio will not share said information with third parties for independent use.
6. Enabling and disabling cookies and similar technologies
If you accept cookies, you can later refuse them by changing your Internet browser settings. For example, if you are using Internet Explorer 8.0, you must follow the instructions below:
1. select the item ‘Tools’ and, then, ‘Internet Options’
2. click on the Privacy Sheet
3. use the cursor to choose the desired settings.
For other Web browsers, refer to your browser instructions for more information about how to change your browser settings or delete cookies.
Note that some features and complete function of this Website will not be available when you disable cookies.
7. Amendments to this privacy policy
Any future amendment to this Policy will be reported on this page. We suggest regularly checking our Policy to check for updates or changes, if any.
8. Contact us
If you have any questions, comments and requests about this Policy, please contact us at the address given below.
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